The Ultimate Guide on How to Get Google Adsense Approval

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Hello there, I hear that you want to know the secret juice on how to get Google Adsense Approval?

The answer is actually very simple – a quality website with good content.

Yes I understand, I have gone through the same cycle as a newly started blog before, and it seems totally impossible to get approval these days.

But you guys need to understand.

Many bad monkeys have abused Adsense before, and thus they have the need for a strict approval process today.

Even so, there are still plenty of these shady people today.

Adsense approval trick? Exploit a loophole in their system? Buy an approved account?

My advice – forget those.

If you are looking for a long term relationship with Google, then learn to earn their trust and give them what they want instead.

That is exactly what this guide is all about – To help you get your account approved as fast as possible.




Quick, hide your credit card!

Evil ninjas have put in affiliate links and advertisements in this post.

If you buy stuff from these links, they are going to make commissions and feed the person who wrote this post.

Just a part to keep this blog going, and enable me to give more to you guys.

So thank you if you decide to pick up my recommendations!



How do we please the big boss Google?

My game plan consists of a few different parts.

Section A

Section B

Section C

Section D

Section E
Not approved?

Good luck



Google has been kind of like some kung fu master on their approval requirements.

Learn the form, but don’t become the form. Be like water, become whatever it is poured into.

Yep. The requirements?

Have a good website and useful contents.

Just exactly what is “good”? We don’t know.

All we can do, is to guess what Google wants. So this is pretty much based on my “gut feeling”, and not the actual stuff.

Don’t burn me if I get it wrong, and Google seems to be changing their requirements pretty often.

As for the approval process, it is pretty simple – Sign up at their Adsense website, and wait for the approval.

It usually take a couple of days to a few weeks for them to get back on the results.



Many technical aspects on your website matter.

If you want approval, make sure that your website is running decently well.

As this involves some technical stuff, check with your web developer, or search around on Google if you are unsure.


Does the design even matter?

My guess is not, not directly. But I do believe that it is a huge plus to have a good looking website.

Remember that Adsense approval is manual.

If your website is clean, responsive and mobile friendly, I am sure that will send a good signal. Not just for the approval process, but in the long run for your own good.

You can use the Google Mobile Friendly Test Tool to check your website for mobile friendliness.


Does the loading speed matter?

Again, probably not. Not directly.

But think again, it’s a manual approval process. If your website loads slowly in 30 seconds, that is going to be a real bad sign.

Plus, slow websites will never get you a good readership, nor score on search engines.

Ditch your current host if it is slow beyond words. I ditched a certain slow daddy hosting before, and I never looked back since.


This is where you have hopefully chosen a good domain name.

Illegal sounding domain names such as “” and “” will probably not be approved.

As for you guys who are on free blog hosting such as Tumblr, Wix and Weebly – I am not too sure about their practice.

But get yourself a good custom domain name, and you should be fine.

P.S. Blogger is the only exception where you can apply for Adsense as it is… because it is owned by Google.


This is the part where I am not too sure if it is the domain age (time you have held onto the domain), or time from when Google first found your site.

In any case, I have read people with varying answers on the required domain age – It is anything from 3 months, to even a year.

But if you have not already done so, please register your website in the Google Search Console.


I have read so many other approval guides claiming that “Google hates other networks”.

That is entirely false, and even in their terms and conditions, they did state that other networks are allowed. As long as there is no conflict of interest, and the other ad network does not serve porn, gambling and illegal stuff.

I personally use Google Adsense with eBay Partnership, and that is entirely legal.

Things should be fine as long as you clearly disclose “my website serves advertisements”, and not illegally ask / cheat the users to click on the ads.

If you want to play safe, just turn off the other networks while you apply for Adsense.

You probably won’t need the others in any case, Adsense pays much better than the rest of the market.



Good content, that is all Google has ever mentioned.

Just what is good, we don’t know. But here are the things that got mine approved.


By unique, I don’t mean “out of this world”.

It simply means, you should not rip off someone else’s article and change a few words.

Write your own stuff.

Beefy, as in a lot of good information. Write plenty of long informative posts, and skip the random cat posts.

Google loves content, so give them plenty to chew on.

  • Your articles should be at least 1000 words long.
  • Use plenty of related images and include videos.
  • Use point form and table, like this one.
  • Link to related other related contents, tools and resources.

As far as I know, the posts that are more valued are those that answers “how to”, “what is” and “why is”. If you need more help with writing, keep this for further reading :

Ninja Tips for Writing SEO Friendly Content That Rock


This is yet another of the unsolved mystery – how many posts do you need on your website before you apply for Adsense?

Some people say 10, some 20, and a few say, 40 posts.

By what standards do they judge?

Is a 2000 words article equivalent to 4 X 500 words article? I don’t know.

But as far as I am concerned, I had about 15 solid articles when I got mine approved.


Do not distribute copyrighted material on your website, or worse, pirated stuff.

If you use someone else’s image, cite the source.

If you copy-and-paste someone’s words, cite the source.

Even if you are using free stock photos, don’t claim them to be your works.


The common sense kind of thing.

No content that incites hate, pornography, nor any inappropriate stuff.

In fact, just make sure that it is none of the contents in Google’s prohibited list.



Trust is probably one of the most important deciding factor.

After all, there are plenty of applications, and a lot of shady people out there.

If you have good content and can prove that you are legit – You get the approval.


There are way too many spam sites these days.

They register a site for a year, hit it, and then disappear.

So make sure that you still have a couple of years worth of domain life in your pocket before you apply for Adsense.

Show that you are here to stay, and you are not disappearing overnight.


While traffic is not a major factor in getting approval, you still need some traffic going to your site.

In particular, you need a trickle of organic traffic.

For those who are new, organic traffic is simply people visiting your website from online searches.

If you have done your content writing and article promotions right, you should be getting a tad bit of organic traffic 3-6 months from launch.

If you need more tips for getting organic traffic, keep this for your further reading.

How to increase organic traffic by 300% in 3 months


These are the pages that are often dismissed by people as “boring” and “useless”.

But in fact, these are the pages that are very important to any legit website, not just for the purpose of Adsense approval.

  • About Us
    Just a page about yourself or your company.
  • Contact Us
    Ways to contact you, which can be email, phone, and/or fax. I personally don’t like junk mail, so I used a contact form instead.
  • Privacy Policy
    A pain to write this yourself. Use an online policy generator to help you.
  • Terms of Use / Terms and Conditions
    Another pain to write, use an online generator as well.
  • Disclosure
    Not quite required, but good to have. Basically a simple page to “reveal” that you serve ads, affiliate links, and make commissions.

If you want your Adsense account approved, you need to have those pages.


Setup a YouTube account for your website / business, even if you do not want to post any videos.

The important point here is, add a summary and link back to your site in the channel description – Then verify the YouTube account with your phone.

Next, create a Google+ account – I believe it will be automatically linked to the YouTube channel and become verified.

Share your articles on the Google+ account, and maybe to some groups – generate some traffic, and social signals.


If you are not camera shy, shoot a small tutorial video, post it on YouTube and embed that video into one of your articles.

Expensive gear not required, a good decent smartphone will be good enough.

This is probably the best supplement to get approval – Nothing beats having a photo of yourself in the “about” page, and an actual video of yourself.

Plus, since you can monetize the video later, you will get Adsense for YouTube on top of Adsense for your website.



Firstly, I understand the frustration, but just don’t spam the “re-submit” button. It does not help.

When Google rejects the application, they will usually give a reason why.

For me, I was rejected twice – Once for the lack of content, and another for the lack of organic traffic.

Take your time to “fix” whatever that is the problem, and retry again.

For the record, it took me 5 months and 15 solid 2000 words articles to get approved.

That was in 2016, and I believe the bars are set higher each time more people join the network.

It is difficult to get approval, but not impossible to.



Here comes the end of this guide.

Getting the Google boss to crack sure is not easy. So have some patience.

In the meanwhile, there are other plenty other ways to make money.

I shall recommend Wealthy Affiliate (my review here) if you are looking for more ways to make money online – the legit way that is.

Click on the banner below to get started – it is entirely free to get started as a free member.

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  1. Very useful and meaningful post i have ever read.Thanks for the updated information.

  2. I have a four months old website, I applied for Google Adsense a few weeks back and it got approved. As much as I’m stoked, I’m also sure that it’s not compulsory that your website has to be too old. Whereas a couple of factors that I also agree are quite important, they include trust factor, good, unique content, about us and contact us page, social signal, and some decent website traffic.

    1. Indeed, the domain age and expiry has been a mystery requirement. But as far as online feedback goes – trust factor seems to outweigh age, since the approval is manual.

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